From Lake Iseo to the Mediterranean Sea, from Monte Guglielmo to the Etna volcano, from Pinot Nero to Nerello Mascalese. The references between the Elisabetta Abrami and Sciare dell’Alba wineries are so many and curious. 

Our story begins far from Sicily and is the result of a meeting of two stories, that of Elisabetta and that of the Urzì family.

Elisabetta is a woman who believes in fulfilling her dreams. In Franciacorta, where she was born, she fell in love with a Pinot Noir land in Provaglio d’Iseo, which gave birth to the production of organic Franciacorta, giving her name to the winery: Abrami Elisabetta.

The Urzì family breathes a seafaring nature, that of true children of the Gulf of Etna, like that of the attentive and daily gaze of the coastal fisherman towards “a Muntagna”. With their knowledge of the sea they meet the practice of the knowledge of the Etnean peasant.


Thanks to the meeting of these family experiences, “Sciare dell’Alba” was born in Mascali (Catania), on the eastern side of Etna.

Sciare dell’Alba is composed of two words, “Sciàra” and “Alba”.

“Sciara”, which combines the Arabic etymology of ša῾ra for uncultivated land with the Latin one of flagrare “to burn”, indicates the accumulations of volcanic slag: just like our soil, of volcanic origin, mainly sandy rich in skeleton and substance organic.

“Alba” (dawn), the moment when night becomes day, east, just like when the Sun rises,bathes the Ionian Sea and our land, on the eastern side of Etna.

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