We are located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, on the eastern coast of Sicily, in the province of Catania. Here rises one of the most active and impressive volcanoes in the world and in Europe, Mount Etna, which, thanks to millennia of eruptive activity, reaches a maximum peak of over 3,300 meters in altitude and about 45 km in base diameter.

Its history is forgotten in the nights of time and according to myth, its activities of lava eruptions are the fiery “breath” of the giant Enceladus, imprisoned for eternity under Mount Etna by Athena. Over time, man has been able to handle the art of cultivating this land rich in minerals, so much so that already in the “History of Italian wines” published in 1596, there is evidence of the wines produced on the hills surrounding Catania.


The beauty of Etna is not only enclosed in its majesty or in its history, but also in its singularity, so much so that it is defined by many as “an island within the island”, due to its unique ecosystem and totally different from the rest. of the territories of Sicily. A unique soil that is volcanic, rich in mineral elements and particularly draining, a peculiar climate, mountain and Mediterranean at the same time.

Here the native grapes of Etna are grown: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Catarratto. The former used for red, rosé and sparkling wines, while the latter for whites. Among these, the most difficult is nerello, which reminds Pinot Noir precisely in terms of sensitivity to the vintage and the territory to which it belongs.

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