Rosé. A wine that is trying to shake off the dust of cultural legacies that saw it as a “non-wine” or, anyway, a product of second order; a wine for years victim of prejudices and absurd confusions, which finally, recently, have been disproved and debunked, to give way to a new awareness about rose wines, which are more and more appreciated for their freshness and versatility.

The right attentions to rosé wines are also coming from trade guides, which are increasingly dedicating special volumes to this type. An example of this is the “Rosa, rosé and rosé” guide, this year in its fifth edition.

As for Franciacorta Rosé, the Franciacorta production regulations determine that a minimum quota of 35% Pinot Noir grapes must be used for the type, which give the wine a special body and vigor. The color of the wine is given by the contact of the must (vinified in white) with the skins of the Pinot Noir grapes, a period of rest according to which the wine’s shades of pink will vary.
To Pinot Noir are also due the hints of wild strawberries, currants, raspberries, which can be recognized in the glass both on the olfactory and gustatory level.

Our Franciacorta Rosè Elisabetta Abrami is a wine that has its own story within our winery: a wine loved and strongly desired by Elisabetta, from the very beginning. A wine that has now found its perfect formula and that stands out from other Franciacorta Rosè for its composition: characterized at least 70% by Pinot Noir grapes grown according to organic methods, it is a Rosè with a decisive, strongly structured carettere, perfect for pairing with bold dishes such as those with fish dishes whose taste exalts, enhances, explodes.

A clear, soft pink color, a fine and persistent perlage, an intense bouquet with notes of small red fruits, a full and persistent flavor perfect for bringing out exclusive dishes.

A wine that has made itself known and appreciated even outside our Territory and that has become a spokesman for the flavors, taste, delicacy and at the same time the strength of the winemaking tradition of Franciacorta and our Cantina.

A wine that has arrived in Lazio, in Rome, and that is proposed with satisfaction by the IODIO Roma Restaurant for spectacular pairings with their grand crudo of fish, a joy for the eyes and the palate.
From Amèlie oysters to prime tuna and salmon: a journey through all the delicacies that the sea can offer and enhanced by the pairing, both delicate and bold, with our Franciacorta Rosè. A rich selection prepared with passion by the restaurant’s chefs, brothers Alessandro and Valerio Testa.

PH: Simona Patrizi

And then further and further down, crossing the strait, to the Toronero Rais Restaurant in Messina, in a journey that lands among the unique flavors and fragrances of Sicily, a territory where the food and wine tradition is strongly rooted in the soul of the people who live in and visit this land.

Perfect, our Franciacorta Rosè, paired with the delicacies offered by the sea and expertly crafted by the Restaurant’s Chefs:
Tasting tuna tartare with red onion pine nut cream and raisins
Amberjack tartare with crispy herb waffle, coconut milk, lime and smith apple
Mazara red shrimp with pomegranate reduction and toasted almonds

With fish, then, is white or red wine more appropriate? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the topic of “pairings” between food and drink at the table.

For us, the answer is certain: sometimes, a good Franciacorta Rosé is better! 😉

To find out more about our Franciacorta rosé, the wine’s full data sheet is available here: discover its unique taste by ordering it in our shop, or savor its colors and aromas up close by booking a tasting at our winery!


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