Near our winery , there is an area of Franciacorta that is unique, a very special nature reserve, a protected area that is perfect for a nature walk after a visit to our winery, discovering its ecosystem and amazing landscape: Le Torbiere del Sebino.

A romantic and evocative landscape, a unique and delicate ecosystem due to the variety of habitats and aquatic-palustrine species present, a natural treasure, just a few kilometers from our vineyard and Lake Iseo: we are talking about the Torbiere del Sebino, a Nature Reserve of undisputed charm, declared a “wetland of international importance.”

The history of the Sebino peat bogs is very curious. The bogs were mainly formed as a result of the extraction of peat, a fuel similar to coal, which began in the 1700s and continued until the mid 1900s.
As the fuel was extracted, the water in the marshy area went to cover it, creating the beautiful marshes we can admire today.

Today the Torbiere del Sebino are considered a magical place, a small paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers. There are 3 pedestrian ROUTES to visit them and each one will make the Torbiere take on a different perspective:
SOUTH ROUTE: circular, starting and ending at the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa (4 km)
NORTH ROUTE: starts and ends at the Visitor Center (5 km)
CENTRAL ROUTE: the most fascinating, which allows you to enter the heart of the Reserve and, starting from the Visitor Center, winds through the Lama and Lametta areas

After a tasting at our Winery, the Torbiere is a place we recommend you visit for several reasons, all of which are super valid:

the central trail is made almost entirely on wooden footbridges, which cross the entire length of the marsh. Between reeds and small islets, you will feel like you are walking on water. A dream!

The Sebino Torbiere are home to many species of animals including incredible waterfowl, bunnies, ducks, rodents. During the walk you are very likely to encounter them… and for birdwatchers there are special stations from which to spot and admire the splendid specimens that live in the peat bogs. Indeed, several species of migratory and resident birds, such as swans, cormorants and herons , dwell here, and it is the ideal place for nature photography enthusiasts, of which interesting courses are also often organized.

the walk is ideal for everyone, families with children included. The walk is flat, really very pleasant and not very tiring to walk … not to mention that in some places the views are spectacular, to leave young and old breathless.

the water mirrors and wooden walkways are perfect for taking striking and original photographs… a perfect place to make your instagram wall unique 😉

Visiting the Torbiere means immersing yourself in the uniqueness of our territory; a uniqueness that allows us to produce a wine unique in the world, a wine that reflects its characteristics, that is influenced by the culture of this land, and that makes respect for the Earth one of its founding characteristics. Our Franciacorta wines are in fact Natural wines, made in the vineyard in such a way as to encapsulate the true essence of our territory and transfer it to our table.

Wines such as our Pas Dosè Millesimato, made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes-the backbone of all our Franciacortas-harvested by hand and according to organic viticulture. Organic viticulture means not altering the life of the vine in the countryside, operating only with substances found in nature or taken from simple processes, in full respect of the territory, biodiversity and Nature, which allows the plants to grow healthy and produce balanced fruit, capable of expressing all the typical characteristics of the territory in which they grow. Organic is a precise cultivation method, a set of procedures, it is a certification and a recognition. But above all, it is a choice. A precise philosophy, an approach to work, a desire for respect for the environment around us, for the land, for nature. For man. To whom we want to allow to rediscover the essence of a production made in full respect of biodiversity, which allows plants to grow healthy and produce balanced fruits, capable of expressing all the typical characteristics of the territory in which they grow.

A history that has lasted for centuries, that of Franciacorta: a single term that defines the territory, the method and the wine. A symbiosis now inescapable and known all over the world.One final bit of advice? After your visit to the Torbiere, we suggest a stop at the Viandante, a little place that is a gem, where you can taste typical local products and have a tasty Happy Hour with a glass of our Franciacorta! 😉



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