Every harvest is a story of men and toil, a tale of zeal and hope:
this year’s, which has just ended, was truly intense, challenging for us.
It represented the culmination of a year of continuous work, a year of effort and constant presence in the vineyard: in fact, the rainy spring required repeated interventions in our vineyard, organically cultivated using only copper and sulfur, which, with the rain, needed more care and measures.

The harvest began for us on August 15, in the middle of a very hot, muggy summer that made picking really difficult. Sore backs, tired arms, heavy legs: that’s what it felt like after hours, days and weeks spent in the vineyard, under the scorching sun, hunched over the vines cutting bunches of grapes, carefully arranging them in boxes, carrying them filled with grapes.
The first week we dealt with the harvest of our Pinot Noir, and then continued and concluded with that of the Chardonnay: a meticulous and precise team effort, in which the perfect organization of minds, arms and hands working at an intense and almost synchronous pace was indispensable. With Elisabetta always present in the vineyard, an expert coordinator of the harvest, and Giuseppe directing operations in the winery, the days followed one after the other, dense with commitment and hard work.

But the physical exertion, the constant efforts were amply rewarded: the grape harvest is first and foremost satisfaction. It is the conclusion of a year’s work, one has the concrete result of the decisions made during the previous twelve months, of the activities carried out; it is the best balance sheet to understand how the whole year went in the vineyard.
And this year we can say that our grapes, thanks to the heavy rains, were plenty, swollen, sugary. A healthy grape that, already at the first tastings, promises millesimates with unique tastes and aromas.

The harvest, in fact, is also expected. It constitutes the beginning of a new phase: months will pass before we can see the final product, for winemaking, and then years for aging and refining.

Finally, the grape harvest is tradition. It is the exact moment when man uses all his experience, knowledge and know-how, deciding whether the grapes are ready to begin the journey that will lead them to become first must and then wine.
The element that cannot be ignored, ever, is a deep knowledge of the terroir and how it changes over time. For the rest, there are no fixed rules.
From one year to the next, everything can change; one must consider the different factors that play a role in determining the timing and results of the harvest:
the climate, the type of soil, the exposure of the vines, and finally the goal of the winemaker, who sets the pace of the harvest based on the final product he or she wishes to obtain.

So this year, too, a cycle has come to an end, which is the starting point for more work to be done in the winery; as always, our land has proved generous by giving us its best fruits, which we will have to take care to work to enhance the characteristics, flavors and aromas.

But if you think we can now, finally, rest, you are wrong 😉
Harvest ends and it’s festival time: on the weekend of September 16-17, another incredible event returns, the Franciacorta Festival in the cellar edition 2023.
Keep following us to find out all the details 😉

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