grappolo pinot nero mano


Family understood in a broader sense than the family nucleus, for us family means patience, compassion, acceptance. Patience for the long work that begins with the planting of the first vine cuttings, up to the first harvest and vinification.

Compassion in the Greek sense of “feeling emotions with”, sharing joys and sorrows with those who work with us. Welcoming to a universal audience, because wine knows no boundaries.

grappolo pinot nero mano


Not the pure concept of business enterprise, but that of dynamism, the fact of “never being able to stand with our hands in hand”.

An ideal that requires the continuous search for new ideas, to continue to improve themselves and question the status quo. The fact of not accepting that we have reached a goal, but that we are in constant motion.

Passion for wine

The history of wine is so ancient that it is confused with that of humanity, an indissoluble and universal bond that began since prehistoric times.

Wine is not a common drink, since its origins, it was considered in a religious context, and it knows no distinction between peoples, given that the findings of vines in archaeological sites pass from China, Georgia to Sicily and Greece.

This describes indeed our passion for wine, a passion for history and culture, respecting the land that generates its fruits.

minerale lava mano

Passion for the Earth

The Earth is the most concrete and palpable image of the manifestation of nature. The relationship with it reminds us every day that first of all we are farmers and then winemakers.

The Earth that rebels if domesticated, but which, if protected and cultivated, rewards hard work with precious fruits, colors, scents, energy.

minerale lava mano


Our values ​​have led us from the beginning to undertake a strong choice, that of organic viticulture.

We are aware that the vine is an anthropized plant and therefore the result of human intervention; this is evident if we try to imagine the appearance of an abandoned vineyard.

Although the vine is an incredible plant, grapes do not grow by themselves, nor do they become wine on their own, they need care.

However, it is possible to pay special attention to obtain a good wine and preserve the territory.

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