The magic evoked by the Etna volcano and by the winds, which blow on the Sicilian coasts washed by the Mediterranean Sea, shape the long and narrow leaves and the elongated olives of the Nocellara Etnea cultivar.

The nocellara olive variety is harvested and cultivated only with ancient methods, in a limited territory in the province of Catania, of the municipalities of Belpasso, Ragalna, Paternò, S. Maria di Licodia and Biancavilla.

Its emerald green color stands out, with light fruity aromas, from tomato to artichoke and hints of almond. A fresh taste combined with a light fruity note and harmonic presence of bitter and spicy, reminds of its low degree of acidity: a delicate taste, which does not prevail, but enhances the food it accompanies.

Further details:

Denomination of sale: extra-virgin olive oil by organic agricolture.
Cultivar: Nocellara Etnea
Origin: Italia, stabilimento di confezionamento via Giovanni Paolo II, 9 Belpasso (CT), obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Packaging: Glass bottle, 0,75 Lt.
Best by: 24 months from the production date  


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Additional Information


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