Powerful, round, structured, almost severe: our Franciacorta Blanc de Noir is the wine that perhaps best represents our essence, that best embodies our winemaking philosophy, our desire for quality, the expression of a harmonious dialogue with the nature that hosts us.
Blanc de Noir represents Elisabetta’s dream in founding the winery: with her own organically managed pinot noir, to make her own wine.

Its history goes back to the origins of our winery, and it grows with her: the first one dates back to 2006, when it took the name Franciacorta Riserva 3V. This name contains two elements: “Riserva,” meaning a long aging of a minimum of 60 months on the lees, and “3V,” meaning Elisabetta’s tribute to her husband and 2 children, who bear a surname from the letter V. We then move on to 2009, with a millesimato that best expresses our desire to stand out and establish ourselves on the market, finally arriving in 2010 with a Riserva and continuing, in the following years, with a single product in 2011,2012, 2016 and, now with the 2017 vintage.

This wine already has its own well-defined history, and what is apparent from the very beginning is that it is a product of careful selection: to produce it we need the right vintage, in which we are able to select the bunches of Pinot Noir that in our vineyards turn out to be the most suitable for making this wine.

In fact, the credit for the great success of Blanc de Noir undoubtedly goes to the first and most important protagonist, precisely the Pinot Noir. This grape is an example of elegance and finesse: an excellent Pinot Noir vintage is the result of a balance that is never taken for granted between soil, climate and savoir faire. The result, however, repays any effort and allows the creation of unique and unforgettable Franciacorta wines.

The intense golden yellow color of our Blanc de Noir, is an immediate reminder of the black berry grapes of our Pinot, which is vinified in white, resulting in a complex product, almost to be treated as a red wine: an austere wine with a low sugar dosage, extra brut dosage, designed for a long rest after disgorging.

A wine that in some cases must rest more than 60 months in the bottle before revealing the full truth of its essence. A wine that grows and is structured over time: the wonder of pinot noir is in the evolution it will have in the bottle and in the glass, a continuous discovery of unmistakable aromas and scents.

Our Blanc de Noir has changed appearance over time, while always carrying with it its color on the label: a historical label, with silver-gray tones precisely to recall a wine that has its roots in the earth, a prestigious and precious, three-dimensional wine, an undisputed witness to our way of winemaking, with the heart, in absolute respect for nature and its times.


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