A cheers to the summer that lasted 10 days that of Franciacorta Versilia Week: aperitifs, dinners and tastings all dedicated to the prestigious Lombard DOCG in the best establishments of Versilia, where we were protagonists with our Franciacorta wines! A traveling festival dedicated to Franciacorta and its different nuances and interpretations.

From June 16 to 25 there were a good 10 days dedicated to the pleasures of food and wine, in the Tuscan seaside destination par excellence that attracts tourists from all over the world also thanks to its renowned restaurants, worldly and nightlife locations: 10 days in which Franciacorta – and our winery – made itself known and recognized, appreciated for its excellence.

The Franciacorta Festival dedicated to Italy’s most elegant bubblies was held on Monday, June 19, in the evocative setting of the Bussola di Focette in Marina di Pietrasanta, where 38 wineries, including ours, among tasting counters and tastings presented their labels, from satèn to extra-brut, from millesimati to riserve.

We were there, with our Franciacorta Brut and our Franciacorta Satèn, to offer guests a sensory journey inside our winery: discovering our organic method, our Pinot Noir, our vineyard, our passion.
A journey also to discover the perfect pairings between our Franciacorta and local proposals, for a perfect enhancement of flavors, aromas, textures. As you know by now, we love experimenting, trying new and unusual pairings, in which our wine becomes the protagonist alongside dishes cooked by expert chefs, enhancing their taste… and being enhanced by them in turn.

And what better occasion than this Festival, to enthusiastically live new experiences?

In parallel with the events of Franciacorta Versilia week, in collaboration with Caffè Godot, we therefore organized a themed evening with our wines, paired by the Chef with some really interesting food proposals:
A winning combination, for example, that of a very fresh first course of spaghetti lemon, parmesan cheese and caviar with our Brut Franciacorta. A wine with an enveloping, full, captivating flavor, perfect for enhancing the delicate taste of this incredible dish.

Our Franciaocrta Satèn, on the other hand, was paired with a fish main course: black fish, with mango coulis and green apple tartare. The very white flesh of the homegrown amberjack went perfectly with the soft, silky hint of our wine!

An incredible experience, which allowed us to tell our story and make ourselves known and appreciated: every year in Versilia we rediscover that charm and beauty that make an ideal context for our wine and for the culture of quality, of care and respect for the environment, of that innovation that does not give up the purest traditions, which we propose, always, with enthusiasm.

Our Franciacorta is proposed as a pure expression of our territory, of a history and authentic people who tell, with elegance, the absolute quality and passion of an ancient and wonderful work.
A territory that we are proud to represent in Italy and around the world.


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