Griglia con braci accese

Like every year, we can’t miss out a nice barbecue for Easter lunch.

Gathering in front of a meal is one of the primordial ways that man has to meet.

Meik Viking, the writer of Hygge, reminds us of this, tracing the origin of the word companion, copain in French, companero in Spanish, to the union of the Latin words “cum” and “panis”. So that person with whom bread is shared.

Unfortunately this year we will be having to a restricted lunch, but no less delicious and tasty.
The Italian tradition for Easter lunch, especially the Christian one, brings traditional menus to the table: the egg as the symbol of the birth of a new life, the lamb as the symbol of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

More and more often, in Italy it has become common to find, as an alternative to meat dishes, also fish dishes, fresh and delicate, like a breath of spring.

When in doubt, which wine to pair with a grilled meat and which one with fish?

For seafood lovers, we are tempted by the idea of ​​grilled squid, paired by
Pas Dosé Millesimato 2013.

Grilled calamari are among the best fish dishes, delicate, but at the same time very tasty. After having cleaned them properly and prepared with a simple emulsion with oil, a pinch of salt, pepper and lemon, they are just ready to be grilled.

The crisp exterior, the taste of the sea that melts in the mouth recall a dry wine, like our Franciacorta Pas Dosè Millesimato 2013: precisely the driest of the range, expression of the reduced sugar dosage (sugar up to 3 g / l).

Vintage 2013, a late one, which went trough accentuated temperature variations that led to a very slow ripening of the grapes.

Served fresh, but not cold, around 10 degrees, to ensure that that pleasant scent of fresh citrus, lime and lemon reaches the nose. The freshness is accompanied by a good acidity, the unmistakable note of Pinot Noir, which gives the wine a unique structure of its kind.


For meat lovers, a mixed barbeque
with Etna Rosato 2019.

If we don’t have lamb meat available or don’t like the taste of that sort of meat, a mixed grill is always a great alternative. It is key to begin with a marinade of oil and herbs is essential to soften the meat during cooking and flavor it with the scent of spices.

Which wine to pair with is one of the recurring questions during the summer. There are those who prefer a young and tannic red wine with red meats and a white wine structured with white ones. If in doubt a rosé that enjoys both characteristics can satisfy both: this is our Etna Rosato 2019 .

Often considered as an aperitif wine, especially on those beautiful spring days, it can actually be transformed into an all-meal wine. It is truly a versatile wine, fresh on the nose like a white wine, full-bodied in the mouth like a red wine.

Fruit of the 2019 vintage, which was fresh and with an average rainfall, with rainfall recorded both in spring and in summer. Moreover the rains between mid-August and early September enhanced freshness and aroma.

Aromas that bring the sensation of fresh fruit to the nose, with notes of wild strawberry and floral with notes of roses and violets.

Grilled meat or grilled fish, this is the question?

When in doubt, we satisfy both tastes and conclude it with a good traditional artisan “Easter Colomba”.

The dessert “Colomba” (which in Italian means “dove”) brings us back to the tradition of the biblical account of the Great Flood. When the rain stopped, Noah brought a dove out of the ark three times. Returning with an olive branch in her beak, Noah understood that peace had returned between heaven and earth.

Its soft dough and the toasted almond aftertaste go perfectly with a soft and elegant Franciacorta. The creaminess of Franciacorta Satén immediately comes to mind: made only from white grapes, in our case 100% Chardonnay, exclusively in the Brut version, with fine and persistent bubbles and a lower pressure in the bottle, less than five atmospheres.

Holding  a wineglass, we wish you a Happy Easter with the hope of being able to see us soon in the cellar and enjoy the summer together!

Until the visits can be made, we offer the possibility to taste our wines together online with the option of Smart Tasting or to buy them directly on our shop online.

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