Festiva Franciacorta in cantina 2017

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 2017 at the Festival Franciacorta in Cantina 2017 Morning 10:00 – 13:00 Afternoon 14:00 – 19:00 compulsory booking

The visit lasts around 1 hour. First we welcome you in the winery, by explaining the terroir and the method Franciacorta. Then you will experience our traditional tasting of our 2 Franciacorta organic sparkling wines together with some local food products. COST PER PERSONFOR THE TOUR : EURO 10

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During the Franciacorta Festival 16 -17 september 2017 you can taste Elisabetta Abrami Organic Franciacorta also during the following events: – CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA – ERBUSCO – DURIGN ALL DAY ON SUNDAY – YOUC AN TASTE OUR rose nad blanc de noir – DISPENSA PANI E VINI – ERBUSCO – ON 15.09.2017 STARTING FROM 18 P.M wating for the festival 2017 :you can taste Elisabetta aBrami organic sparkling FRANCIACORTA – OUTLET FRANCIACORTA ON 8 TH OF SPETEMBER 2017 starting form 18.00 PM tasting and music :you can taste Elisabetta aBrami organic sparkling FRANCIACORTA – BUS from ISEO: Sunday 03.09.2017 arrival in the Abrami Winery at 15:30   download the Festival Franciacorta brochure