• A journey through flavors, from Franciacorta to Etna

    Imagine a thread, an invisible thread made of flavors, of emotions, of sensations, of scents, that unites our wonderful territory, Franciacorta, to a distant and equally wonderful country, Sicily, to be precise the area at the foot of Mount Etna. Or rather, if we want to be really precise, a small strip of land on
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  • With fish, white or red wine? Franciacorta Rosé!

    Rosé. A wine that is trying to shake off the dust of cultural legacies that saw it as a “non-wine” or, anyway, a product of second order; a wine for years victim of prejudices and absurd confusions, which finally, recently, have been disproved and debunked, to give way to a new awareness about rose wines,
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    Near our winery , there is an area of Franciacorta that is unique, a very special nature reserve, a protected area that is perfect for a nature walk after a visit to our winery, discovering its ecosystem and amazing landscape: Le Torbiere del Sebino. A romantic and evocative landscape, a unique and delicate ecosystem due
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