Franciacorta and Norwegian Salmon

We welcome you for an evening of wine and food delicatessen, on the 12th of November by: Atenaeo del Vino Via Pontico Virunio 1, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland It will be a pleasure to pair superior-quality salmon, fished in Norway, prepared and smoked in Zermatt, with our organic Pinot Noir based Franciacorta wines. During the event […]

Festival Franciacorta in Torino 2019

  We welcome you on the 28th October at 3:00 PM (Press&Trade) and at 7:00 PM (general public) at: Festival Franciacorta in Torino by Museum of Risorgimento, Via Accademia delle scienze 5 You will be able to enjoy our selection of: – Franciacorta Brut (preview the details) – Franciacorta Saten (preview the details) Book your […]

Festival dei sapori in Brescia – Slow Food

We welcome you, in collaboration with con East Lombardy and Slow Food, friday the 25th of October and saturday the 26th of October by: Festival dei Sapori in Brescia by the piazzetta S. Alessandro and in palazzo delle Nuove Culture MO.CA. , in via Moretto 78. You will enjoy our Franciacorta biologico Brut on friday […]

Festival Franciacorta in Milano 2019

  We welcome you on the 7th of October at 15.30 (for press and operators) at 17.30 (for the public) by the Festival a Milano by Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51 You will be able to enjoy our selection of: – Franciacorta Rosè (preview the details), elected by the Norwegian and Canadian monopoly – Franciacorta […]

Festival Franciacorta – September 2019

Festival Franciacorta 2019 is coming and this year we are trying to add an extra effort both for our dedicated visitors and new ones. The available slots for the winery visits during Festival Franciacorta will be extended to each hour. The visit consists in the discovery of our story, Franciacorta method, tasting 2 of our [...]

Dinner in the Winery – Festival Franciacorta

August is the time for harvest, September is the time to celebrate the grape with Festival Franciacorta. During the weekend of the Festival, you will be able to discover the scent of our musts, but as well have the opportunity to discover our winery through different lenses. This year the doors of our winery will [...]

Festival Franciacorta and Nordic Walking

During Festival Franciacorta 2019, we will offer an experience for the adventure lovers, in collaboration with Millemonti. Before the visit and tasting of our organic Franciacorta wines, you will have the opportunity to walk within the hills and vineyards. The itinerary flows along the villages of Passirano, Monterotondo and Fantecolo Mount, with the possibility to [...]

Franciacorta in Villa

“Franciacorta in Villa” is a food and wine event, where Franciacorta wines meet the local delicatessen of the Pontino area (Lazio). Franciacorta will be paired with local products and typical dishes, carefully crafted specifically for the “Franciacorta in Villa”. The 7th edition will take place in Fondi (Latina), by Villa Cantarano, on the 29th and  30th [...]

Franciacorta Summer Festival on the road 2019

Our land will be energised by several events in food&wine, sport, nature, art and culture from the 19th of May to the 8th of September: this is Franciacorta Summer Festival on the road 2019. For the upcoming 4 months, Franciacorta will host tourists and wine lovers, kicking off on the weekend on the 18th-19th of [...]