Abrami_14Swathed in gentle breezes from the prealpine valleys, our grapes grow and mature in optimum conditions in the sun-drenched hills bordering Lake Iseo. Each soil type has its own kind of vineyard: Our land is selected and acquired to attain the very best results and stretches for 15 hectares between Provaglio d’Iseo, Passirano and Paderno Franciacorta. Excellent wine is brought to life in our vineyards through: careful vine selection, a low vine density per hectare, manual grape harvesting at peak ripeness, a low production per vine and a high degree of respect towards the environment. Each phase of production from the vineyard to the cellar is carried out employing distinct techniques. These techniques are based on rigid fundamentals and strict regulations which ensure that specific methods and expertise are used at each phase. The unique characteristics of our Franciacorta wine are achieved through the all-important meticulous and accurate selection of the land and of the grape variety. Abrami_13Great importance is placed on the grape pressing phase: only the best must, obtained from the soft and gentle first press, is used in the production of our wine. Further to this, the product is stored in our well ventilated and thermo-conditioned wine cellar in Provaglio. We are extremely devoted to our sole objective of achieving excellence in order to offer a new, high quality and honed product which nevertheless stems from ancient origins. For us, the summit of the mountain can only be reached when the special union that exists between tradition, technology and our fertile land is permanently kept alive and can remain intact.