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The story of Elisabetta is that of a tiring journey, completed only by constantly keeping alive the special bond that exists between tradition, technology and the indissoluble link with a unique territory of its kind, Franciacorta, and her favorite grape, Pinot Nero.

vigna in franciacorta elisabetta abrami
Ingresso della cantina elisabetta abrami in franciacorta

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Thanks to Elisabetta’s experience in Franciacorta together with the encounter of the Urzì family, true children of the Gulf of Etna, “Sciare dell’Alba” was born, on the eastern side of Etna.

vigneto della cantina sciare dell'alba
Pescatore nel mare siciliano

Pinot Noir grape crosses the Mediterranean and meets Nerello Mascalese grape, and gives life to our production of Etna wines.


Passion for wine and for the Earth, family and entrepreneurship are the ingredients of our work. We need to know how to deal with the unexpected that nature sometimes reserves for us and sometimes gives us during the year.


An experience in the winery is a moment of sharing, to savor an authentic knowledge, to make a toast while appreciating the pleasure of small things.


Our entire selection at a glance: not only Franciacorta and Etna wines, but also our pinot grappa and EVO oil.

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