Our story begins in Provaglio d’iseo, a small industrious town in Franciacorta (province of Brescia), located at the foot of Mount Cognolo and cooled by Lake Iseo. From its position the town derives its name, Pro-vallem (“before the valley”), a junction for the road that in Roman times connected Brescia to Val Camonica.

Here, between the vineyards of “Redigoli” and that of “Dossi” Elisabetta was struck by the possibility of realizing her dream: with Pinot Noir to make one’s own wine. Thanks to her past in the manufacturing sector, Elisabetta carries with her a deep conviction towards excellence, which can only be reached through complete control of the production chain, from the vineyard to the cellar.

Hence the need for a meticulous and accurate selection of the places where to grow the vines and the vines peculiar for the characteristics of “our” Franciacorta.

Each type of soil has its own vineyard: our vineyards are located between Provaglio d’Iseo, Passirano and Paderno Franciacorta.

It is in fact in the vineyard that the best wine is born: the wise clonal selection, the density of the vines per hectare, the manual harvesting of the bunches at the right degree of ripeness, the low production per vine and great attention to respect for the environment. Doing organic farming therefore becomes a natural step that is combined with the awareness of doing well for one’s territory

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