Our idea of ​​Franciacorta is that of a wine to pair with any meal, from aperitifs to main courses, from the simplest to the most complex courses. This is the result of the union of our territory with the Franciacorta method, during which modern production technologies blend with human work.

What distinguishes the Franciacorta method is the refermentation in the bottle, each bottle therefore becomes unique and unrepeatable. However, it all begins with the harvest, when the grapes, after a careful selection and rigorously harvested by hand, are brought to the cellar for soft pressing.

It is not a simple bottling, because yeast and sugar are added with the wine to start the refermentation in the bottle and the second fermentation: only in the bottle will the bubbles form that we find in the glass.

According to the Franciacorta specification, the bottles are stacked and rest for a minimum of 18 months for the classic Franciacorta, 24 months for Rosé and Satèn, 30 months for the Millesimati (vintages) and 60 for the Reserves. Thanks to the strong presence of Pinot Noir, it is our choice to push on long refinements and for at least 24-30 months of refinement.

After a long rest, the bottle awakens by shaking or remuage, which allows the sediments to slide towards the cap.

At this point the bottle is ready for disgorging, it will then be opened to let out the sediments and insert the dosage syrup. Finally the bottle is re-capped with the unmistakable mushroom cap.

The Franciacorta production method involves the use of noble vines, dark-berried Pinot Nero, light-berried Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Erbamat. Our Franciacorta is characterized by the use of the first two, Pinot Noir for its structure, Chardonnay for its freshness.

From the pressing, the must is obtained which, thanks to the addition of selected yeasts, moves towards a first fermentation in steel tanks or in small wooden barrels. The must then becomes wine and rests for about 6 months on the noble lees until spring, when it is bottled.

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