Pinot Noir is considered one of the noblest red grape varieties worldwide, the king of grape varieties. Pinot Noir is an ancient international grape variety, coming from Burgundy (Côte d’Or) dating back more than 2,000 years ago. It is grown in different countries of the world, as, being extremely sensitive to the terroir, it gives different interpretations depending on the production area.

Its name derives from “Pinot”, which literally means “pine cone” in French, due to the shape of the bunch of this grape, with small and tight berries, such a fine, delicate, permeable, sensitive skin.

It is often called “l’enfant terrible”, it is a rebellious grape variety that, when tamed, makes the difference in Franciacorta. The yield of Pinot Noir is generally low and it is quite sensitive to vine diseases, so cultivating this grape is really a difficult task.

It prefers cool climates, precisely those created by the breezes which, descending from the Alps and crossing Lake Iseo, come to caress our Provaglio d’Iseo vineyards, which culminate with our “Redigoli” hill.

Then, when the juice slowly gushes from those grapes, a real wine is born, majestic in its infinite facets.

It is vinified both in black, resulting in the production of red wine with a soft and light taste, and in white, the production of which takes place at a distance from the skins, obtaining a product with a characteristic transparency, which is ideal for Franciacorta bases.

Pinot Noir is the backbone of all our Franciacorta wines, for a minimum of 30% of their composition (the remainder is Chardonnay), excluding Satèn, up to its vinification in purity in our Millesimato Extra-Brut Blanc de Noir.

For those who love elegant and complex wines, Pinot Noir is the one that definitely responds to these characteristics. giving a balsamic taste, reminiscent of vegetable aromas such as mint and dill and fruit such as cherry and raspberry.

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