In Elisabetta’s dream, now reality, the common thread was to create a Franciacorta wine that was natural and organic.

Organic viticulture means not altering the life of the vine in the countryside, working only with substances found in nature or taken from simple processes.

It is not a point of arrival, but it is a path in continuous evolution and constant improvement.

1. Prevention

Guaranteeing biodiversity, the vine can grow in a soil rich in life, building greater resistance to diseases.

By letting the grass grow between the rows, a microclimate develops that allows many species of insects to counteract the proliferation of parasites.

2. Nutrition

With the help of beneficial bacteria, the vine can feed naturally on the mineral substances present in the soil.

margherita nel vigneto
terreno sassi

3. Defense

treatments against parasites are carried out only with sulfur and copper in their simplest compositions; against harmful insects only natural derivatives from plants or bacteria are used.

4. Cold chain

working in the cellar with strictly low temperatures, a more careful control of the evolution of wine and must is ensured, eliminating the use of chemicals.

Adapting to the clock of nature costs effort and numerous interventions in the field, but allows you to bring to light a wine that is the fruit of the earth and true passion.

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