Our cellar is the result of many small and patient efforts to realize a great passion. One brick at a time we have built our cellar in the morainic hills of Provaglio d’Iseo, where our organic Franciacorta wines are born with the indomitable soul of Pinot Noir.

Ritratto di Elisabetta Abrami nel vigneto al tramonto
Tappi Gabbiette Vini Abrami Franciacorta


Our Franciacorta wines respond to two adjectives, natural and gastronomic. Natural means making wine in the vineyard, in such a way that it contains the true essence of the territory. Gastronomic means making a wine suitable even for the most daring combinations, thanks to the structure that gives the Pinot Noir.



An experience in the winery is a moment of sharing, to savor an authentic knowledge, to make a toast while appreciating the pleasure of small things.


Our entire selection at a glance: not only Franciacorta and Etna wines, but also our pinot grappa and EVO oil.

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